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Introduction to the concave vacuum packing machine

Introduction of concave vacuum packing machine
①The main body of the recessed vacuum packaging machine is made of stainless steel. The appearance is polished and wire-drawn, and the appearance is beautiful and easy to clean. ②The improved large transformer and electric heating rod have a long service life, fast sealing, and beautiful appearance.

③The device is equipped with an excellent vacuum pump as standard, and users can choose to configure the vacuum pump imported from Germany.

④The default way of swinging the cover is manual swinging, and the user can choose to swing the cover automatically.

⑤Under normal circumstances, we will stock most of the conventional vacuum packaging machines. In addition to the conventional vacuum packaging machines, we can also provide the design and customization of special-shaped vacuum packaging machines.

⑥The working temperature and heating time of the heating rod can be adjusted freely according to different products. The heating temperature has three levels of high, medium, and low, and the heating time can be adjusted freely between 0-5S.

⑦The degree of vacuum can be controlled by the length of vacuuming time.

⑧The two-way controlled pumping method is adopted with a clear division of labor; the professional oil-water separation device can effectively extend the service life of the vacuum pump and maintain the vacuum degree. ⑨Vacuum tube made of silica gel and the working platform is made of 4-5mm stainless steel plate.

Six advantages of bag-feeding automatic packaging machine

1. The actual operation is flexible and convenient
Each bag-feeding packaging machine can pack products of different specifications, models, and sizes. It is controlled by a motor and the bag width can be adjusted to a suitable size at will.

2. The categories of being able to wrap are various
Products of various shapes and specifications can be packaged, such as liquids, sauces, pastes, solids, powders, granules, and strips, which can be adapted to the packaging of various materials, such as composite films, silica, Aluminum foil, single-layer PE, PP, etc.

3. Accurate measurement
The bag-type vacuum packaging machine is equipped with automatic weighing equipment. For different raw materials, there are different weighing packing machines and equipment, and the measurement accuracy deviation does not exceed 1 gram, ensuring fully automatic production and processing, and improving the production efficiency of the enterprise.

4. The packaging is beautiful and generous
Prefabricated bag packaging is selected for the bag packaging machine, and the packaged products are beautiful in appearance and colorful, which is beneficial to product marketing.

5. The vacuum effect is obvious
Prefabricated bag packaging is selected for the bag-type packaging machine, and the actual vacuum effect of the packaged product can reach 70%, and it is less prone to flatulence and leaking than the stretched film and vertical vacuum machine passed through.

6. Fully automated production and processing, high efficiency
All pouch packaging machines are controlled by mechatronics. Automatic bag feeding, automatic metering, blanking, heat sealing, and vacuum output are all completed on one production line, which saves labor costs and improves the production efficiency of the enterprise.


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