What is an automatic packaging machine?

Automatic packaging machine, we also call an automatic wrapping machine/laminating machine. The automatic laminating machine/laminating machine has stable performance, reliable quality, economical durability, strong applicability, and is widely used in mass production and packaging assembly lines. Through packaging, merchants can not only extend the shelf life of the product, but also ensure the integrity of the internal items of the product, reduce the risk of the product being dismantled and stolen, and can also save labor costs and improve production efficiency.

High-end packaging equipment such as film wrapping machine, corner-cutting machine, bagging machine, sealing and cutting machine, and laminating machine. Its film wrapping machine is mainly used for covering film sealing and shrinking packaging for the outer packaging of various high-end product boxes. It uses non-standard automation technology to automatically make bags, seal, arrange film, and cut corners for product boxes. The packaging efficiency is 400-600. Pieces/hour can also be customized for high-speed, ultra-high-speed models significantly reduce labor costs, ensure the quality of product packaging, the yield rate reaches 98.5%, so that the packaging film cutting lines are of high quality and accurate, and the error of the sealing and cutting line in the middle position does not exceed 2mm. The laminating machine is to automatically laminate the product packaging box. In addition to the characteristics of the above-mentioned packaging machine, it also adds an anti-counterfeiting function. The sealing and cutting line is hidden at the bottom, and the error of the sealing and cutting line is not more than 2mm, which realizes the artificial imitation. Craft. Whether it is a laminating machine or a laminating machine, it is suitable for medicine boxes, food boxes, health care products boxes, cosmetics boxes, tea boxes, mobile phone boxes, mobile phone battery boxes, mobile power boxes, data cable boxes, MP3\MP4, tablet computers, etc. product.

Because the film wrapping machine and the laminating machine are fully automatic and intelligent mechanical processing, the corners of the product are processed at one go, and the natural veneer is integrated; the mechanized operation avoids primitive methods such as liquefied gas fire, which is extremely safe. ; Some coating machines and laminating machines are equipped with various templates during production, which can be flexibly configured to effectively save and reduce raw materials. For more info click here: Wrapping Machine Manufacturer