What are the main functions of a granule packing machine?

The granule packing machine is mechanical equipment used for particulate packing and is a common packing machine product. With the rapid development of the economy, the demand for mechanical automation equipment in all walks of life is getting higher and higher, so does the industry of granule packing machines. The granule packing machine is divided into small and big sized, which possesses these features, including high work efficiency, high precision, convenience, and quick use. And it is applied to various pouch materials, like plastic bags, chemical fiber bags, etc., and used in industries, including fertilizer, feed, resin granule, etc. Then what are the main functions of the granule packing machine? The Yiliang editor will introduce them to you.

What are the main functions of an automatic granule packing machine?

  1. Automatic/manual function. The particle packing machine can run in the automatic state and can also run in a manual state, with a simple operation and easy maintenance.
  2. Drop correction function. A granule packing machine can automatically correct the amount of advance and reduce the packing error according to the weight of the feeding bag.
  3. Advance error alarm function. If the weight error of the packing is not allowed in the range, it will output the alarm indication.
  4. Bag clip and decoupling functions. After the packing is finished, the bag clip and decoupling are automatically open.
  5. Adaption to various pouches. The pothook can be adjusted vertically and horizontally according to the size of the bag, which can adapt to various types of pouches.
  6. Tally function. The granule packing machine can count the number of finished products.

The above content is the introduction to the main functions of the particle filling machine. The host of the granule packaging machine works through fast gravity filling material and feeds and counts in a small range by using the technology of feed and frequency conversion. It realizes automatic error compensation and correction with fast, medium, and slow three-speed feeding and special feeding auger structure, digital frequency conversion technology, sampling processing technology, anti-interference technology. The granule filling machine can be divided into large and small packaging, the packaging weight range is generally from 20 grams to 2 kilograms, small area, high site utilization rate, high efficiency, less energy consumption, as long as more than 300 watts can be put into work and production normally.

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