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Tobacco Packaging & Overwrapping Machinery

YiLIang is a leading manufacturer of packaging machinery for the overwrapping of tobacco products worldwide.

Adding value & cost saving with Marden Edwards tobacco overwrapper

Packaging cost saving is gained by changing from outer display cartons to clear film wrap bundles. YiLiang packaging machinery has the capability to offer different bundling formats from traditional 5x1x2 to a twin pack of 20’s using thin polypropylene films if required. Optional added value can be provided with the use of pre-printed films and tear tape. This offers enhanced product branding, communication, on pack promotions and easy to open packaging to the consumer.

YiLiang also has over 10 years’ experience in providing Track and Trace Systems for tobacco products

YiLiang can assist with your overwrapping and packing solution, you can contact us on Whatsapp +86 13922394146, or Tidio our contact form.