The basically useful knowledge of vacuum packing machine

At the present market, the vacuum packing machine we often see is mainly divided into vacuum package and vacuum inflatable packing machines. A vacuum packing machine is a kind of device that effectively stifles the activeness of some microorganisms such as bacterial and keeps the colors and freshness of fruits and vegetables. Products that are commonly and daily degraded and oxidized include crispy, fragile, and perishable foods, daily supplies are meat, seafood, fruits and vegetables, medicine, hardware parts, medical machines, which their package can be vacuumed, filled in air, and fit body. One of the most important processes of a vacuum packing machine is inflatable packing. The main functions of vacuum inflatable packing are making foods more effective to keep the shape and nutritional value of foods in long term, besides the functions of removing oxygen and keeping the quality, that itself owns.

For the one who always uses the vacuum packing machine, do you know well the problem with the pumpdown time of it?Generally, we always make sure the pumpdown time, according to the need of package and the data shown on the vacuum meter. In reality, if you pack a product that has big moisture or other condition, the data(the longest time in the 60s) shown on the vacuum meter should be adjusted.

The working principle of it is also pretty simple, that put the packaging pouch into a vacuum room, bag mouth should be flatly put on the heat plate, and covered by a layering. Adjust the temperature and time of heat sealing, and the most suitable time of heat sealing is until sealing, no fusion, and no over-wrinkle. The amplitude modulation should not be excessive, in order to avoid the excessive increase of temperature, and burning out PTFE and other parts.

The major part of a vacuum packing machine is the vacuum pump which can directly influence the quality of the vacuum package. Therefore, we must especially notice the quality of the vacuum pump when we purchase a vacuum food packing machine or other packing devices.

Note: as for the vacuum packing machine that has worked for two to three months, we should open its back cap, and add lubrication to sliding parts such as the beginning bump. Then, develop a good habit of frequent inspections of the decompression, filtration, and other joint parts on the equipment. The problems with some impurity such as dust influencing the normal working of machines are usually that there is water in the cup or foreign matters in silicone bar and heat bar. And the problems with the damaged high-temperature tap and so on may cause poor quality of the seal. As a consequence, developing a good habit of maintenance can make us find the problems timely and control the occurrence of the deadlock.

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