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The application of the pouch packing machine in people’s life

With the development of the economic level, the requirement of people to the quality of life standard increasingly grows, and demand for food and drink gradually improves. In recent years, the pouch packing machine has become a mainstream product in the food package industry.

Why does it get so many preferences from people?

There are several advantages to the pouch packing machine.

  1. Easy actual operation: The automatic pouch packing machine adopts a multicolored industrial touch screen and touch display screen. According to the different commodity regulations, set the main parameter of packages, after trained for five minutes, one button to actual operate, easy and convenient.
  2. Equipped with safety protection reminder: When the automatic pouch packing machine runs into unstable standard pressure or other unusual phenomenons during its processing, it will automatically alarm and remind manufacturing workers of powering off, checking, and solving.
  3. Automatic recognition reaction: The pouch packing machine possesses the automatic recognition reaction. When the machine crawls to get the packaging bags, it can recognize the unregular and unqualified bags and stop heating and sealing. And the bags can recycle, decreasing the consumption of the packaging products.
  4. Handy and speedy actual operation: The automatic pouch packing machine can wrap commodities with different specifications and sizes. According to the motor control system, the width of bags can be adjusted to a suitable size, only needing a one-button actual operation and being managed to adjust many working procedures disposably.

Bag taking technology for pouch packing machine

The bag-taking technology for the pouch sealing machine is applied to the prefabricate pouch packing machine, which takes out the bag from the pouch box or other bag storage devices and places the pouch at a specific position with a given orientation, ensuring the subsequent handling to succeed. With the development of the pouch packing machine, bag-taking technology also makes progress. Therefore, it gradually replaces manual packaging and makes the small-scale corporations in the major industry realize packing automation, improving the production efficiency effectively and lowering the cost. The form of plastic compound prefabrication bag package with a low price and convenience has an earlier use. The plastic compound bag package possesses a pretty wide scope in form and applied fields. For the bags with different forms and materials, there will be different bag-taking technology in form.

The common bag-taking techniques include these features as follows:

  1. In the form of movement, they are all the straight-line or swing ping-pong intermittent motion.
  2. In the form of bag-taking, they are all clamping or vacuum absorption types.

As a consequence, the production efficiency of the bag wrapping machine is limited. Therefore, The new pouch feeding technology should replace the old, improving the efficiency of the bag packing machine.


After understanding the strengths and the bag-taking technology of the vacuum sealing machine, do you think it is pretty practical? And the pouch packing machine price is affordable, full-automatic without a manual assembly line, handy and speedy. It is important to choose a good pouch packing machine manufacturer, and the Yiliang Autowrappingmachinery is recommended.

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