OK-60A automatic filling and sealing machine
OK-60A automatic filling and sealing machine

This equipment is widely used for filling different hose (different pipe diameter Ф16-Ф50 different plastic pipe, aluminum plastic composite pipe) sealing tail and filling different viscosity and characteristics (from water to high viscosity paste), which fully meet the requirements of different levels of GMP production environment.

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OK-60A automatic filling and sealing machine

1.Automatic tube down, filling, heating, clamping forming (coding), tail cutting, no tube without filling;

2. contact parts are made of stainless steel 316, meet the GMP standards;

3.PLC LCD touch screen control operation, can easily set parameters on the touch screen, output and error information clear and intuitive; number display temperature control.

4. electrical and pneumatic components are selected by international well-known brands.

5. reliable mechanical structure and stainless steel fuselage, the main drive of the equipment with overload clutch protection, equipment wearable parts are rarely

6. quickly change the mold, for different specifications of the hose, can be completed in a short time mold replacement.

7.filling speed :40-60 units per minute, for different capacity viscosity filling paste, equipment filling accuracy can ensure ±1%, starting from the bottom of the rising filling, filling valve easy to remove, no tools, can manually control filling volume 8, small area :2.1 square meters

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model Voltage Total power Packing speed (box / min) Packing size (mm) Dimensions (mm) Disc station
OK-60A 380V 3PH 5KW 40-60 sticks/min (W)50-210mm





Note: 1. Filling accuracy: (based on 100 grams) ±0.5ɡ; 2. Filling capacity: 5-300ML;

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A: To start your project, please send us your products sample , we will send you sample with film overwrapping with overwrapping speed by machine .If the sample is ok, speed is accepted Then, you will get the quotation from us within 24 hours.


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A: we do have lots of customer from all over the world . as you know , The app and vinda also Tiktok also our customer.


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A: Definitely. Many years experience and long term cooperated forwarder will full support us on it. You can only inform us the delivery date, and then you will receive the goods at office/home. Other concerns leave to us.



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What Are the Benefits of Bringing A Filling Machine?

The Filling and sealing machine that you get on our website is very advantageous and made with high-quality product. It consists of an automatic down tube, clamping, cuter, filler and heater. The entire body is made of stainless steel which is GMP standard. The machine has LCD touch screen that helps in operating the machine. The stainless steel structure is durable and also the internal structure is reliable. The Filling Sealing Machine, we provide has a filling speed of 60-80 units/min. The components of the machine are selected after a prolonged research so that we can come up with an excellent product.

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