OK-3000 Face Mask Folding machine two heads
OK-3000 Face Mask Folding machine two heads

Workflow: manual feeding automatic folding and automatic bag entry detection empty bag elimination and automatic collection;

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Face mask folding machine

2.1 Workflow: manual feeding automatic folding and automatic bag entry detection empty bag elimination and automatic collection;


2.2 folding: this machine can meet 3, 60% discount universal (3, 60% discount conversion can be completed in 5 minutes fine adjustment, no need to replace any fixture);


2.3 folding effect: in accordance with manual-folding form, more beautiful; according to the bag size customer requirements quick adjustment, folding speed depending on the operation proficiency degree of any adjustment;


2.4 bag entry: reverse pouch, fold the cuff of the film cloth downward as the bag, improve the impact of filling the film cloth, avoid the film cloth cuff pocket material, Thus, the filling machine is easy to overflow during the sealing and exhausting, and the risk of sealing and leaking is expected to be caused by the bag opening.


2. 5 control mode: whole machine electrical integration, PLC control, man-machine interface operation, simple operation, easy operation, design bag taking, bag opening, bag abnormal alarm, action control, detection, design science; Operating according to specifications:


2.6 empty bag detection: the detection function of the electric eye into the bag handles abnormal bag entry alarm stop, the empty bag detection after entering the bag has the cloth sent out, and the double protection without cloth elimination is more reliable;


2.7 finished product efficiency: this machine only needs one person front end conveyer belt to discharge the material, the infrared ray color standard localization, the discharge standard is good to consult, the back-end material collection is the automatic storage belt, arranges neatly; The design and production speed of the machine is 2500-4000 pieces / hour, and the actual speed depends on the effect of manual cloth placement, cloth collection, and stop waiting for production on the spot;

The remarkable advance of the structure of the local equipment:


(1) the core technology of the key structure of the machine:


A, pouch clamp pneumatic opening and closing design, clip into the bag more stable, especially for the narrow bag into the bag has an advantage;


B, mask cloth into the bag out of the positioning clip design, the bag into the position in place accurate; ensure the same position in each cloth bag;


C, the bag cylinder is a double-head adjustable stroke cylinder, more convenient to adjust the length and size of the bag;


(2) double cylinder open bag design, open bag faster and more stable;


(3) this machine occupies less space, saves land and facilitates the layout of workshop equipment;


(4) the frame cover of the whole machine is safe, and it can prevent dust and dust.

model Voltage Total power Packing speed (box/min) Packing size (mm) Dimensions (mm)
3000 double head reverse type (Double) 220V/380V/50HZ 900KW 35-65bags/min length:225





3000 double-head multifunctional type (Double) 220V/380V/50HZ 900KW 30-60bags/min length:225





1. The upper and lower limits of long and thick dimensions cannot be at the same time;
2. The upper and lower limits of width and thickness cannot be at the same time;
3. The packaging speed is related to the material hardness and size of the packaging material;

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A: Definitely. Many years experience and long term cooperated forwarder will full support us on it. You can only inform us the delivery date, and then you will receive the goods at office/home. Other concerns leave to us.



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