OK-560 film over wrapping  machine4G
OK-560 film over wrapping  machine4G
OK-560 film over wrapping machine4G

OK-560 4G(Straight feed)

Film Overwrapping Machines

OK machinery offers the optimal overwrapping machines to meet all sorts of customer needs such as product size and frequency of switching between products to be wrapped, as well as wrapping speed. We can include additional options such as tear-tape that makes it easier for consumers to open the overwrapped products. We can include devices that align patterns/designs and add personalized seals/stamps.

Product Detail Feedback now

a higher level of basic performance because we improved the film-feeding function, making it more robust; and the tuck function, making it form tighter and more secure tucks. As a result, makes a tight and beautiful finished wrap on every item. As an added feature, it comes with a transparent cover, making maintenance very easy. In addition, it can be used in production systems to achieve seamless production operations.
1、This machine is widely used in box - type product or package automatic packaging.Adopt PLC man-machine interface control,The main driving motion is completed by servo control.The lower membrane of the servo motor,Can adjust the membrane size arbitrarily;The body is made of all-stainless steel frame and enclosed perspex shield.The body platform and the contact parts of the package are made of stainless steel.Meet hygiene standards.
2、Dual servo drive.High speed and good stability. It is the ideal choice for multi-specification and multi-variety 3d packaging machine.

1、Mold cost is lower;Better mold compatibility;
2、Adjustment is more convenient and simple;Switching operation time Faster and more convenient.
3、It is more convenient and accurate to adjust the rod.
4、After the improvement of the lower membrane mechanism, the lower membrane of the traditional flat push machine is more smooth and stable
5、The temperature control is changed to PLC modular integrated control, and the touch screen operation is easier.
6、The pushing and folding film is equipped with mechanical electronic insurance card box, card alarm stop, and card box. The operation is safer and more reliable.
(our patented products, counterfeiting must be investigate!)

model Voltage Total power Packing speed (box / min) Packing size (mm) Dimensions (mm) Maximum cutting film width
5604G type (corner feed) 380V/50HZ 6.5KW 25-45bags/min length:50-300






560 4G enlarged (corner feed) 380V/50HZ 6.5KW 25-45bags/min length:50-400






1. The upper and lower limits of long and thick dimensions cannot be at the same time;
2. The upper and lower limits of width and thickness cannot be at the same time;
3. The packaging speed is related to the material hardness and size of the packaging material;

Q: Are you factory?
A: We are factory located in Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, China. Welcome to come to visit us at any time.


Q: How to start a project?
A: To start your project, please send us your products sample , we will send you sample with film overwrapping with overwrapping speed by machine .If the sample is ok, speed is accepted Then, you will get the quotation from us within 24 hours.


Q: what company do you work with ?
A: we do have lots of customer from all over the world . as you know , The app and vinda also Tiktok also our customer.


Q: We’re not familiar with the international transport, will you handle all the logistic thing?
A: Definitely. Many years experience and long term cooperated forwarder will full support us on it. You can only inform us the delivery date, and then you will receive the goods at office/home. Other concerns leave to us.



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