Filling Machine

  • Auto- facial mask filling and sealing machine eight heads

    Medel OK-M08 movement Auto feeding bags, auto filling , sealing ,coad, finished product Tunnel 8 Speed 10000-11000PCS/H Bag size Width 95-165mm,Length:110-190 mm Bag thickness 100um-160um Standard filling pump Electronic gear pump Accurate ±0.3ɡ Weight 5-40g Power 380V 3P 8.5KW Air press Barometric pressure 0.6-0.8Mpa Equipment size L2400*W1100*H1800 1. Automatic bag placement, filling,…
  • OK-9000 Washing Bottle Machine

    USE AND CHARACTERISTICS: Professional cleaning of cosmetics bottles and other products. This washing bottle machine is applicable to pharmaceuticals. In the food industry, there is a high yield of purifying and cleaning. Cleaning, fewer water beads, no breakage, etc. It is an ideal machine for the cleaning of shaped bottles.…
  • OK-3000 Face Mask Folding machine two heads

    Face mask folding machine 2.1 Workflow: manual feeding automatic folding and automatic bag entry detection empty bag elimination and automatic collection;   2.2 folding: this machine can meet 3, 60% discount universal (3, 60% discount conversion can be completed in 5 minutes fine adjustment, no need to replace any fixture);…
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