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Paper, Card & Converted Products Overwrapping

YiLiang manufacture flexible overwrapping machinery for the wrapping of soft paper products including tissues, napkins, serviettes, envelopes, paper reams, memo notepads and playing cards additionally.

Versatile automated feeding systems for paper and card based products

The successful automation of the product feeding is an essential part of any paper and card overwrapping application.

♦ Flexibility to overwrapany product sizes

♦ Tight wrap in cellophane, paper, clear and printed films

♦ Product protection – prevention from carton surface damage

♦ Security – peace of mind the product has not been tampered with

♦ Geometrically exact end folds – giving that sleek finished look

♦ Easy open tear tape facility

YiLiang can assist with your overwrapping and packing solution, you can contact us on Whatsapp +86 13922394146, or Tidio our contact form.