How much do you know about the blister packer? Introduction to the blister packer

Our daily life is closely connected with the wrapping machine, so is the commodity enterprise. They will pay attention to the packing and sealing in the production. Daily-use products are popular, and automatic blister packer also has more demand. Manufacturers produce the vacuum packaging machine to satisfy the requirements of the package, completing the performance to speed up the package, improve the quality, and satisfy the consumers.

The principle and applied range of the blister packing machine

The blister package is a kind of packing method sealing products between the bubble cap and baseplate (paperboard and plastic films, slices and aluminum foil, or their compound materials).

It is called the substrate package due to the basis on the substrate of the packing method. On the one hand, the package made up of blister packing possesses a transparent appearance that is clearly seen. Meanwhile, the substrate can be printed with beautiful pictures and the commodity instructions to display and use. On the other hand, the packed products are fixed between the formed bubble cap and substrate and not easy to damage during delivery and sale, which can not only protect products and prolong the storage life but also propagate products and expand the sales impact.

Originally, the blister package is mainly used for drug packaging. Nowadays, apart from the medical products packages, including the tablet, capsule, suppository, etc., the blister package is also widely applied to sales packages, such as food, makeup, stationery, toy, gift, tool, and electromechanical parts.

The functional characteristics of the blister packing machine

  1. Adopting the new type of domestic high-power transmission mechanism, the main transmission shaft is driven by the chain arrangement, which avoids the error and noise of other gear transmissions.
  2. With an imported control system for electrical appliances, it can be equipped with missing material and missing grain detection and elimination device according to customer requirements.
  3. The plastic packing machine is composed of sections: PVC forming, feeding, and hot sealing is a section, and tropical aluminum cold forming, hot sealing, and punching is another section, which can be divided into separate packaging.
  4. Adopting a photoelectric control system, PVC, PTP, aluminum packaging automatic feeding, and the waste edge automatic punching device ensure long-distance and multi-station synchronous stability.
  5. It can also be equipped with photoelectric detection and correction device and imported stepper motor traction.
  6. This plastic sealing machine is suitable for bubble cap sealing and packing of the capsule, plain tablet, sugar coating, capsule, injection, special-shaped, etc., as well as the medical apparatus, lightweight food, and electronic components.


With the prosperity of the commodity economy and the constant development of technology, each industry is rapidly developing. Our blister packer has been improved many times relied on the technology in growth. While ensuring better packaging quality, the products are more portable, bringing greater convenience to merchants and consumers and making consumers more satisfied. Applying more advanced technology to make an innovation constantly brings more convenience to people.


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