Food Overwrapping Machinery

The overwrapping within the food packaging machinery sector is to improve shelf life and to deliver multipacking convenience.

What overwrapping will do for your food products

YiLiang overwrappers will enhance and increase product appeal, improve shelf life and deliver multipack convenience.

Food overwrapping machine capabilities & benefits

YiLiang food product overwrapper can provide the versatile solution you are looking for as follows:

♦ The flexibility to overwrap many product sizes on any food wrapping machine

♦ Tight wrap in polypropylene, cellophane, paper, clear and printed films

♦ Carton protection – prevention from carton surface damage

♦ Easy open tear tape facility

♦ Retail multipack i.e overwrapping of gum, biscuits & cereal multipacks

YiLiang can assist with your overwrapping and packing solution, you can contact us on Whatsapp +86 13922394146, or Tidio our contact form.