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  • Bulk Wholesale Manufacturers of Machines Are Affordable

    Cosmetic Machinery: Soap Packing Machine, Filling and Sealing Machine Specialized machineries and equipment help with customized solution with its innovative and advance designing. It helps in easing the work through the automatic or semi-automatic components. The packing and filling machines are developed specialized technical specifications with low maintenance guidance. ‘Yiliang…
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  • High-Speed Automatic Packaging Film Packaging Machine

    Classified by anti-rust level 1. Ordinary STN-8500 (suitable for dry plant use) 2. Semi-anti-rust type STN-8520 (suitable for factory buildings with humidity <50%) 3. Super anti-rust type STN-8550 (suitable for use in factories with humidity> 50%) According to the applicable classification of the film 1. Suitable for PVC/PO film: STN-8500…
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