High-Speed Automatic Packaging Film Packaging Machine

Classified by anti-rust level

1. Ordinary STN-8500 (suitable for dry plant use)
2. Semi-anti-rust type STN-8520 (suitable for factory buildings with humidity <50%)
3. Super anti-rust type STN-8550 (suitable for use in factories with humidity> 50%)

According to the applicable classification of the film

1. Suitable for PVC/PO film: STN-8500 type

2. Suitable for PE/heat-shrinkable film: STN-8600 type (including heat shrinkable furnace)
Equipment adaptability Suitable for a self-adhesive film of all tray products: vegetables, fungi, frozen products, meat products


Packaging process description

1. The product is conveyed to the entrance belt through the front-end supply part.
2. Enter the side clamp belt through the entrance belt and automatically distribute the equidistance through photoelectric detection before entering.
3. The wrapping film is made into a barrel shape through multiple tension rollers and film belts, and the pallet products enter it synchronously.
4. Two side clamping belts clamp the pallet, which is conveyed to the middle seal through the side clamp belt power to roll and bond the middle seal.
5. The pallet products continue to enter the end sealing station to complete the sealing and cutting of the front and back sides.
6. The pallet after the front and rear side wrapping film is cut continues to run, and the bottom transfer roller will flatten the rear folded edge on the bottom of the pallet.
7. The front folded edge is sucked like a clip by the negative pressure at the suction position, and the box continues to move forward to complete the bottom flattening of the front folded edge.
8. After the packaging is completed, it is transported to the heating discharge belt, and the front and rear folded edges are more firmly attached to the bottom by heating the bottom surface.


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