May 2021

  • Wholesale packing machine, Guangzhou Yiliang auto wrapping machinery Co., Ltd

    Introduction to the concave vacuum packing machine Introduction of concave vacuum packing machine ①The main body of the recessed vacuum packaging machine is made of stainless steel. The appearance is polished and wire-drawn, and the appearance is beautiful and easy to clean. ②The improved large transformer and electric heating rod…
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  • How does the cartoning machine work?

    The working principle of automatic cartoning machine With the constant perfection of industrial automation, more and more corporations use automatic cartoner, in order to cater to the expansion and development of the market, the types of packaging machines are also increasing. Today we will have a look at the fully…
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  • Advantages of owning machineries in your factory

    Labeling Machine, filling machine The more you incorporate technology in your life, the more you will be able to flourish in your field. And that is the reason bringing a filling machine will serve your purpose. If you are a manufacturer then you need to know that you need to…
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  • Learn the specialty of Guangzhou OK Yiliang Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

    Cellophane wrapping machine, Cartoning machine, Overwrapping machine It is needless to say that technology has made everything easier for us and that is the reason you need to acquire new technological machineries. The objective of technology is to provide people the utmost comfort. Usually, the countries like Japan, South Korea,…
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  • Tips to find a machine for your factory

    Bottle Washing Machine, Packing Machine If you are looking for a bottle washing machine, you need to make sure that you get the product from a reputed place. Buying the machine for your company is a bigger investment that is the reason you need to take wise step for it.…
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  • Benefits of having necessary machineries in your factory

    Cosmetic Machinery, Soap Packing Machine, filling and sealing machine If you are in a manufacturing business, you probably have the idea about machineries. You need different types of machines from packaging to filling. A manufacturer is required to the entire task by them. When it comes to producing something, often…
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  • Bulk Wholesale Manufacturers of Machines Are Affordable

    Cosmetic Machinery: Soap Packing Machine, Filling and Sealing Machine Specialized machineries and equipment help with customized solution with its innovative and advance designing. It helps in easing the work through the automatic or semi-automatic components. The packing and filling machines are developed specialized technical specifications with low maintenance guidance. ‘Yiliang…
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  • Guangzhou good enough Yiliang equipment provide great range of Machines for Packaging

    Guangzhou ok Yiliang equipment production is a renowned enterprise which manufacture distinctive sorts of packaging machines. We have created and innovated its very own system emblem based totally at the home marketplace demand. Paste spiral filling device, makeup production line and other makeup semi-automated and automatic equipment. Cosmetic machinery offer…
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